Relatives: Rose, cherry, peach, plum

The Almond is a native to the eastern areas around the Mediterranean, from Turkey to north of Greece and into North Africa. It has been cultivated for a very long time having been grown in Greece in the 5th century BC and in China as early as the 10th century BC. California probably now grows about 75% of all the almonds in the world, and are still be grown around the Mediterranean..


A medium sized tree about 25 feet in height, upright but spreading more as it ages, with a lifespan approaching 75 years.


Almonds like a somewhat open and sunny location, especially during pollination. Somewhat tolerant of salt. Since the Mediterranean regions is somewhat temperate in climate, long temperatures below about 18 degrees can damage flowers in the spring.


Hall's Hardy and Texas Mission are the only cultivars of Almond we carry because it has consistently proven itself to be winter hardy in our area. Halls Hardy and Texas Mission are semi Self-Fruitful and will benefit from being planted together. .