Relatives: Pear, Quince, Cherry, Apricot, Raspberry

We are offering - on a limited basis and trial basis - three tiered Espalier apple trees in both Granny Smith and Pink Lady. These tiers (lateral branches), as measured from the ground upwards, will have the lowest tier around 18 inches above the ground, the next (or middle) tier will be about 36 inches from the ground, and the top tier will be approximately at 54 inches from the ground. We have had so much interest in the few we are display growing at the Nursery that we thought we'd see if there was sufficient interest in selling them to the public, already started in their training, in containers. Designed to be grown against a garden fence or wall, the basic shape has already been developed for you. Additional shaping through their years of growth is both fund to do and needed. Best to do the heavy pruning in the winter (dormant) season but occasionally shaping and pruning is encouraged during the plant's growing season as the limbs are more limber and as such, less subject to breakage.


Espalier training of shrubs and trees dates back hundreds of years and offers a very unique presentation of a living tree in your garden or yard. Always displayed against a garden or home wall, the espalier apple trees have been pruned and tied to support wires at predetermined heights to initiate the training of the lateral branches. Additional branches can (should) be considered as they become available to increase the interest of your espalier.


Full sun; water as needed; plan on limited fruit production for first year or so, as you prune and continue to train. Expect increased fruit production once you finish the desired look on your espalier.