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Perennial Herbs are plants that return, year after year, and provide you with not only an attractive plant for your Patio pots or sunny garden beds but also with a valuable and fresh way to make your family foods all the more healthy and terrific. So how old are Herbs? To answer that question, you need to also ask: How old is mankind? Because the answer to the first question is the same as the answer to the second. People have used plants (Herbs) since the dawn of civilization. Entire countries have gone to war over plants (Herbs). Even now, plants (Herbs) provide us with the needed chemicals and medicines to make our lives easier and healthier. Today, the smart gardeners use fresh and dried Herbs in their soups, pies, stews, roasts, barbecues, vegetables and even desserts. And don't forget drinks! We have always held Herbs in a special place in our hearts here at Rabbit Ridge Nursery, and have grown and sold Herb plants for many years. Now we are pleased to offer to you a fantastic selection of Perennial Herb Plants in sizes you just cannot find anywhere else.


Herbs come in many different sizes, shapes, smells and uses. Many are evergreen- they stay green year round- some are deciduous- they lose their leaves in the winter- and some even die down to the ground in the winter but re-sprout each spring- bigger, better and more flavorful than ever. Some Herbs offer up their leaves for use; some their roots; some their berries; some Herbs enjoy full sunshine while others need some shade; but all our Perennial Herbs were chosen to make your garden better and your foods more flavorful.


Whether you choose to grow your Perennial Herbs in a container on your porch or Patio, or you decide to plant them out in your vegetable or their own garden, each Perennial Herb we offer has it's own wants and needs. These are discussed in detail under each specific Perennial Herb. Remember this: most plants will survive for years on their own quite well, once they are fully established. But to have an Herb plant thrive for years, you need to follow our suggestions for proper care and placement.


Rabbit Ridge Nursery is pleased to offer the following Perennial Herb plants for your use and enjoyment . Click on an Herb to be directed to more information, sizes offered, specifics, and costs.