Periwinkle Vinca Minor 'Bowles'

Grower's Comments: A great shade loving groundcover

To six inches

USDA Zone 3 to USDA Zone 8

Small, slightly serrated, pointed

Darker blue than 'Traditional' , five petal, born or upright stem

Evergreen and a perennial

None noted except for control

None noted

  Erosion Control
  Moisture Tolerant
  Part Sun
  Poor Soil



Vinca is native to Europe and Western Asia, but is now found throughout North America. Its a terrific evergreen groundcover for shady locations at foundations, beds, raised planters, or under woody plants where it makes a good transition planting. Prefers moist soil but does not do well in full sun. Plant Vinca plugs about one foot apart for a good covering, as each plug should cover a three square foot area when it is mature. Myrtle is sometimes confused with Purple Winter creeper (Euonymus fortunei 'Colorata'), but the latter has serrated margins on opposite leaves that bronze heavily in Winter, with larger and more dense foliage on thicker stems, and the stems usually do not root at the nodes, but rather climb supportive structures for short distances, or may mound upon themselves as a groundcover up to 6" in height.